Bosch Dishwasher Repair- Door Issues

Posted on: July 28, 2018

A customer in San Jose, California called late afternoon Bosch dishwasher repair. They told us the door does not stay open on it’s own. There were no visual damage on the door. The door hinges were also inspected and had no deformations or damage. We then inspected the springs and cords of loops. To do this, we had to dismantle the dishwasher from the inside of the dishwasher. Upon inspection, it was found that the loop was pulled out due to a break in the plastic spring retainer. Both springs and loop cords were replaced. It should be noted that the new parts have been improved by Bosch’s engineers compared to the old parts, the design change will contribute to a longer life of the door springs. We’re happy to say the Bosch dishwasher repair was a success!

Bosch Dishwasher Model No: SHX65T55UC/01