Commercial Refrigerator Repair

A commercial refrigerator is a very important appliance that is widely used in restaurants, delis, cafes, food stores, concession stands and food trucks.

Commercial refrigerators can be the largest equipment that you invest in. They keep food and various ingredients cold and clean so they do not get spoiled. A properly working fridge will maximize the life of your inventory and keep it in the best serving condition for your customers.

If your refrigerator doesn’t work correctly, or you think it might be time for maintenance, our team of specialists are experienced with all major brands and will be more than happy to solve your problem.


Common Commercial Fridge Problems:

Power Issues- You should check to see if the power cord has been properly plugged in all the way to the outlet, as it may have been knocked out of place. If that still isn’t the option, then check if the wiring for the outlet and ground wires are active. The issue may be the power supply and not the unit. Use a voltage detector to make sure the outlet has voltage present.

Temperature Problems- Make sure your commercial refrigerator is not directly against the wall. It needs room to circulate air properly. Check the door seal for wear and tear. The temperature control gauge could be broken or showing the incorrect temperature. A blocked vent might also contribute to the false temperature reading. Double-check the temperature with a thermometer to see if the thermostat is working.

Evaporator Fan- If your fridge is freezing up or collecting ice throughout, the evaporator fan could be the culprit. First, let the ice melt off the evaporator and clean the evaporator coils. If only part of the coils are freezing up, we recommend you call our certified technicians to check the pressures and see if there’s a low charge.

Compressors- The compressor should be cleaned every 90 days to operate like new. If your compressor is running hot, it definitely will struggle keeping your fridge cool, definitely call and get help.

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