General Electric Refrigerator Repair- Not Cooling

Posted on: July 31, 2018

GE Fridge Repair Model No: GSS22JFMD WW

A customer called from San Francisco and told us their refrigerator did not cool enough. They were in need of urgent General Electric refrigerator repair. When we arrived, there was a puddle of water under the refrigerator and on the bottom of the freezer. The thermostat was set on maximum cooling. Our temperature measurement showed 2 degrees Fahrenheit in the freezer and 50 degrees in the refrigerator, much warmer than normal. We double checked for water leakage since there was water under the fridge. We found no damage or cracks in the water pipes.

When we opened the rear cover of the refrigerator, we found an overheated compressor, even though the compressor fan was operating fine. The condenser filter was dirty and clogged, making it very difficult for the compressor to stay cool. We disconnected the fridge from the power supply to let the compressor cool down. Once it cooled down, we were able to clean it. Then we turned the refrigerator back on. After a while, we measured the temperature again and the temperature inside had decreased. The freezer read 0 F and the refrigerator was at 36 F.

UPDATE: We got a call back because the temperature was rising once again. We were happy to come back and diagnosed a new problem. The compressor and compressor fan was running normally. However, when we examined the back wall inside the freezer, we found a lot of frost on the wall. We found a frost-bitten evaporator fan and broken thermostat. After we replaced both, we got the fridge working again, hopefully for good!

Because this customer called us for General Electric refrigerator repair, we were able to save the fridge before they needed a new compressor entirely. Be sure to give us a call if you’ve noticed anything strange about any of your appliances. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

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