Refrigerator Installation

Thanks to modern improvements in technology, new refrigerators often have a lot of new and/or additional functions. These fancy refrigerators all require certain settings and the right installation is necessary if you want your new fridge to work properly. For example, a fridge with an indoor ice maker will require a water supply. In that case, we recommend you to call a professional and ensure that everything is done right and your fridge works correctly on day one.

To help your refrigerator installation go smoothly, please make sure to:

  • Tell us make and model of the appliance you want us to install
  • Measure the delivery path and new appliance area so that your refrigerator will fit perfectly
  • Verify your existing electrical and water connections
  • Empty and unplug your old refrigerator
  • Let us know if you need our technicians to remove an old appliance

Keep in mind – we do not haul your old appliances away!

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