Manitowoc Ice Maker Repair- Not Making Ice

Posted on: July 28, 2018

A local customer contacted us asking for Manitowoc ice maker repair, explaining that his ice maker did not make ice. We scheduled a diagnosis the next day with Arthur. When he turned on the ice maker, all of it’s systems worked in the normal mode but it did not form ice. The water supply was working normally. Visual inspection of the electronic board showed that it was in good condition. The refrigerant valve was also in good condition. The pressure switch was checked by a voltmeter and it turned out to be working. He then moved on to check the freon and found that the ice maker no longer has freon. When he checked the drying filter, he was able to see the leaked freon. After replacing the drying filter and after installing fresh freon into the system, a leak test for Freon was conducted. No leaks were found. He then turned on the Manitowoc ice machine and it began to form ice again. Great work on the Manitowoc Ice Maker Repair!

Model No: QD0132A